Application areas

We develop generators and frequency converters for a safe and independent power supply at any location. Our products are specifically developed for the application area desired and meet all the standards required.


In small and very small power stations our generators produce power at locations where there is no power network. Our generators are not only adapted to the ambient operating conditions in terms of technical design but also equipped with the suitable voltage regulators. Thus EME products ensure a stable and reliable energy supply as part of individual solutions under continuous operation.


We also produce our generators for use on the water. In accordance with the ship classifications DNV, BV and LROS, we develop and design our products in line with the demands of our customers. Irrespective of whether the application area is on vessels, on lakes or oceans, or fixed operating locations on the water.

› Rail transport

Generators for rail transport are subject to special heavy duty conditions. They are exposed to rough environmental and operating conditions: fluctuating temperatures, spray water, constant vibrations and impact during the trip. On the open track, generators are often the only power producers on board track vehicles. They have to be extremely robust and resistant to disturbances. EME products meet these requirements. Our generators supply trains and other railroad vehicles safely and reliably with energy. In some cases, this means continuous operation over more than 10 years without any disruptions.

Stationary power generation

For stationary power generation, we produce generators and complete machine sets according to customer specifications, irrespective of whether in containers, in buildings or as an emergency generator. Wherever power has to be reliably available for a short time, EME products offer maximum reliability.


The application field for generators in vehicles is diverse. Extreme temperatures, spray water, dirt and vibrations place high demands on the design. We at EME provide individual custom-made generators for transportation of people, as well as for transport, emergency service and construction vehicles.