Enclosed ventilated
Synchronous Generators

Enclosure Type IP 23

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Enclosed ventilated Synchronous Generators
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In case of the generators of the SDB series, the cooling medium air is guided particularly effectively to the winding parts to be cooled inside the machine. Thanks to the stable welded design, they are ideally suited for stationary applications as well as mobile use. All winding-components are carefully designed and correspond to the heat class “H” to DIN EN 60034. Carefully selected materials, professional design for the application area and top quality manufacturing guarantee high continuous reliability of our generators even under extreme conditions. All known protection ratings, cooling types and designs are possible.

› Qualities

  • High efficiency synchronous generator
  • Optimum performance through effective internal ventilation
  • Effective, reliable and robust
  • Enclosure type IP 23
  • Spray-water protected up to 60°
  • Air inlets and outlets covered with shutters to conform with the protection rating
  • Connecting terminals and voltage regulator housed in the mounted terminal box
  • Terminal box rated IP 44 – IP 65

 SDB series, 50/60 Hz, enclosure type IP 23, enclosed self-ventilated

Speed 1/min. Power output kVA
3.000 20–250
1.500 18–1.000
1.000 20–800
750 8–600
600 40–300
500 40–250

 SDB series, 400Hz, enclosure type IP 23, enclosed self-ventilated

Speed 1/min. Power output kVA
3.000 5–300
1.500 10–350

Other versions available on request.