EME Product Box rotary frequency converters

Rotary frequency converters

  • Frequency 16 2/3 Hz up to 400 Hz
  • Speed 600 – 3000 rpm
  • Power 10 to 200 kVA
  • Higher power upon request
EME Product Box rotary frequency converters

Rotary frequency converters

Rotary frequency converters from EME are a high-quality and reliable solution in technical applications which require a higher operating frequency. The rotary frequency converters do not produce any distortions as a result of power semiconductor switching operations.
The quality of the output voltage is therefore far beyond that of static converters and is usually even better than the public power grid.
Here, the grid and consumer sides are always electrically isolated from each other.
With extensive experience in the design and technical implementation of converter systems, we always develop optimal solutions for our customers.
› Design variants and features:
  • Asynchronous motor (frequency deviation < 2%) or synchronous motor (constant frequency)
  • Design in housing or machine unit on base frame
  • Internally ventilated or rib-cooled
  • Protection class IP23 – 54
  • Design with coupling, pulley or transmission
  • Parallel operation possible
  • Synchronous generator with electronic power factor regulator
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 1.5%
In addition, all conceivable designs for optimisation of your application can be implemented.

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